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Leadership skill bundle

As you move into a leadership role, you are often shifting from a technical and managerial role. Gain the skills and knowledge you need for this professional evolution.

Course Duration:
90 days from enrollment
3.5 hours formal CPD

Course information

As you move into a leadership role, it is an important time to reflect, identify your values, and develop your leadership skills.

This package of seven eLearning courses will help you on this journey and assist in your evolution into a great leader. Take away key skills and knowledge as well as practical tools that will transform you into a leader:

  • 5 levers for producing great leaders
  • Effective decision making
  • Establishing leadership in the best way
  • Leadership best practice
  • Personal impact and charisma in leaders
  • Problem solving - tools and methods
  • Securing managerial support for leadership

Learning outcomes

Transform into a great leader by using the 5 levers

  • Improve your decision making
  • Establish your leadership at work
  • Identify and use leadership best practice
  • Use personal impact and charisma
  • Employ various tools to solve problems
  • Get managerial backing for your leadership


  • RICS professionals $110
  • Non-RICS professionals $120
  • Visa

  • Mastercard


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