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Talent and skills

We are committed to reviewing and evaluating our education and qualifications framework to ensure they remain relevant - now, and in the future.

We know from conversations with employers that the traditional RICS-accredited degree route to professional qualification is perceived as increasingly outdated.

To remain relevant, we must evaluate and review the ways in which the professionals of the future join the profession to ensure they remain relevant - now, and in the future. We must also recognise that lifelong learning is crucial to developing and enhancing competencies.

As we create new entry paths and expand the profession in emerging markets, we will only succeed if at the same time we champion diversity within the industry.

Our Talent and Skills Action Agenda

  • Reviewing our eligibility requirements and processes for admission to the profession
  • Reviewing our CPD model to support the profession at every stage of their career
  • Aligning our subscriptions renewal and CPD processes so that members of the profession can share the steps they have taken to maintain their professional knowledge as part of their annual renewal
  • Updating our Inclusive Employer Quality Mark

To remain relevant, we must evolve the way we train and develop the future professionals so that they are equipped to deal with change across the sector

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As technology enables the profession to move up the value chain, we know that non-technical competencies such as resilience, emotional intelligence and the ability to collaborate will become more important

The future sustainability of our profession depends on getting this right.