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24 JUN 2019

BIM Execution Framework for early-stage estimating in PPP projects

The use of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) as the vehicle to procure large-scale social and physical infrastructure projects is becoming increasingly deployed around the globe.

This international study evaluates the use of PPP procurement in the UK, Australia and China as three of the most mature and rapidly developing users of the PPP procurement route.

It focuses on the ways of improving digitalisation in PPP procurement with the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and its impact on early-stage estimating. This research aims at developing an execution framework for BIM-enabled early-stage estimating for PPP procured projects, learning from the situations in these three most advanced user countries.

The expectation is that such a framework will also help the rapidly developing countries, who are increasingly reliant of PPP types of procurement.

RICS Research Trust is now the Property Research Trust

This research was funded by the RICS Research Trust. As of the end of January 2021, RICS Research Trust became fully independent of RICS, and has been rebranded as the Property Research Trust. Find out more here . The Trust supports and promotes high-quality independent contributions to knowledge in the disciplines of land, real estate and construction.

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