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isurv Building Surveying

isurv Building Surveying

This online tool provides you with instant access to RICS guidance on all key surveying issues. Saving you time, money and reducing your business risk

Access the latest surveying information through a 12 month subscription of this tool

  • Benefits
  • Topics covered


It will help you

  • Gain background information and detailed knowledge to allow you to effectively undertake surveys on all types of buildings
  • Advise clients on neighbourly matters by providing you with access to specific information to help resolve issues
  • Download relevant templates, forms and documents to benchmark your work and save you valuable time
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements by detailing all relevant legislation and what you need to do to ensure compliance
  • Diagnose building defects and identify materials - isurv provides clear information on building defects, how to spot them, signs and remedies
  • Provide consultation on repair and maintenance - isurv's extensive library of information will provide you with the knowledge to offer accurate and comprehensive information to your clients

Topics covered

Building control

  • Gain valuable advice from your peers who regularly work with local authorities and on the key regulations that must be adhered to
  • Receive guidance on which documents need to be used and when
  • Background to key cases that have shaped current regulation and local acts that need to be followed

Building maintenance

  • Detailed notes and information on
  • Dilapidations
  • Changes in service charges
  • Planned maintenance
  • Whole life costings


  • Remedies & break clauses
  • Key dilapidations issues
  • Dilapidations inspections
  • Preparing a dilapidations schedule
  • Responding to a dilapidations claim
  • Dealing with disputes
  • Civil procedure rules & the Dilapidations Protocol

CDM regulations

  • All aspects of CDM regulation are covered in detail
  • Overview of what is required at application, interpretation and notification
  • Overview of legal requirements you need to follow to ensure compliance
  • Application of CDM 2007
  • Clear definition of who are the clients, designers and their respective responsibilities
  • Key CDM legislation
  • Planning and information required
  • Health and safety requirements
  • Detailed information and guidance on all UK building regulations


  • Access in-depth information and knowledge on building defects to help you provide appropriate remedial solutions to client issues
  • From practical building repair to identifying and resolving common defects, isurv provides clear and insightful information
  • All types of modern methods of construction
  • Asbestos
  • Biodeterioration
  • Building elements
  • Common defects
  • Damp
  • Materials
  • Practical building repair

Health and Safety / Fire regulations

  • Practical advice and information to ensure that you are adhering to all health and safety and fire regulations on and off-site
  • Employer requirements and responsibilities
  • Best practice and good tips
  • Legislation requirements interpreted
  • Key case law
  • Guidance on essential legislation
  • Fire regulation
  • Prevention, taking steps to reduce the risk
  • Preparation, creating evacuation procedures and putting in fire alarm systems
  • Provision, providing equipment, signage and information


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This channel - isurv Building Surveying

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Non-RICS Professional - £586 + VAT

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Non-RICS Professional - £1,285 + VAT

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Other channels within isurv :

  • Commercial Property
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Legal
  • Planning
  • Residential
  • Rural
  • Sustainability
  • Valuation


This is an invaluable tool and I am sure will become the building surveyor's bible

Roger Watts on 4/23/2015
Trident Building Consultancy Ltd.


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