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Become a Counsellor

Become a Counsellor

Your role

As a counsellor you play an important role in ensuring that those following the assessments have the experience and potential to fulfil our ethical standards and professional competency requirements before progressing to final assessment.

Working as a counsellor can be personally rewarding and satisfying, and you will:

  • help to maintain the high professional standards expected of qualified professionals
  • put something back into the surveying profession
  • help raise the profile of RICS and its professionals around the world
  • satisfy the ‘Service to RICS’ characteristic recognised for RICS Fellowship (FRICS).

Counsellor training

All RICS counsellors must complete training that prepares them for the role. A free e-learning module is available via the Assessment Platform.

Assessment Platform

As an RICS counsellor you will follow your candidate’s status and progress through the stages of assessment using the Assessment Platform. This is a single site where you will be able to view and provide feedback their competencies, CPD, summary of experience and case study. This is where at the pint of application you can confirm their readiness for final assessment.

Interested in becoming a counsellor?