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Become an RICS Brand Ambassador

The RICS Brand Ambassador program is an ecosystem of experts, decision makers and influencers within the built environment.

Why become a Brand Ambassador?

By becoming a Brand Ambassador, you open yourself up to some exciting opportunities to build your network and professional reputation. You’ll work with RICS to find the path best suited to your personal goals and the amount of time you’re able to commit. Here’s an example of some of the opportunities we offer:

  1. Work with RICS to develop thought leadership
  2. Raise your profile through increased engagement with RICS online, and grow your professional network
  3. Build your reputation as a subject matter expert
  4. Establish yourself as a counsellor and mentor future candidates to qualify for RICS
  5. Participate in surveys, speaking engagements and webinars that can count towards your CPD
  6. Give back to your profession 

We are reaching out and involving our network to have them engage with their respective ecosystems to:

  • raise awareness about RICS
  • extend the value of RICS to a larger audience
  • involve and allow the influencers to help grow of the profession

We are inviting and encouraging everyone within the built environment to join us to promote the long-term sustainability and growth of the profession.

This is strictly a voluntary program. There is no cost or compensation for participants.

How can you become a Brand Ambassador?

Please complete the form below to join.

You can withdraw from the program anytime.