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23 NOV 2021

Proptech from a global and regional perspective

What are the trends across Proptech from a global and regional perspective?   How are investors, technology buyers and Proptech collaborating and working together?  How is Proptech being affected by the focus on ESG and the effects of Covid-19?  What are the implications on skills for the sector?  What kind of returns can Contech deliver for the construction phase of real estate and infrastructure?  What do the next few years hold for Proptech?  What are the key technologies and will we start seeing consolidation in the sector?

Ivo Van Breukelen and Stephen MacDonald and speak with Andrew Knight on these topics as they discuss the continued rise of Proptech, Contech etc. across the built and environment.

More information regarding the Tech Partner Programme and our partner The Proptech Connection can be found at

RICS Tech Partner Programme discussion with Proptech Connection - investing in PropTech, Contech