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4 OCT 2021

Why tech will not replace valuation professionals.

SMEs represent a huge cohort who can benefit from valuation technology – how do today’s solutions support their particular needs and wants?  Where are we on the ongoing debate between technology replacing valuers or augmenting what they currently do?  How can valuers leverage the productivity gains that technology can deliver?  How does technology support IVS/Red Book valuation standard?  How can different stakeholders benefit from sharing the same data on assets?  What barriers still exist in making data flow more easily to those who need it?  Is there a danger that the sector is overly reliant on tools like Excel? 

Daniel Norman from Aprao speaks to Andrew Knight on these topics as they discuss the application of technology to the valuation sector. 

More information regarding the Tech Partner Programme and our partner Aprao can be found here.

RICS Tech Partner Programme talk with Aprao – Tech in valuation – Replacing vs Augmenting