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The languages we use

The languages we use

RICS is committed to communicating effectively with our global profession in delivering regulation. While English is the primary language of RICS, we have a standard approach to the use of different languages, which takes into account the need for consistency, while also facilitating local language needs and fair hearing principles.

We take the following language approach to communicating with regulated professionals and firms.

Formal communications

Formal written regulatory communications are delivered in English to ensure consistency and accuracy. However, at RICS discretion and in appropriate circumstances, communications may be translated into other languages. This includes formal compliance matters (formal information gathering processes such as the firm registration process, Valuer Registration applications and related annual returns), casework and disciplinary correspondence. Unless other arrangements are agreed by RICS, we will expect responses to such correspondence from professionals and regulated firms to be in English.

If a member or firm needs correspondence or responses to be translated they will make those arrangements and bear the costs of translation.

Verbal advice and support

Verbal regulatory advice and support will be made available wherever possible in our principal market languages (Mandarin, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese).

Continued professional development communications

Key continued professional development (CPD) compliance-related notifications will be translated into our principal market languages (Mandarin, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese) to maximise compliance.


Where we are investigating a matter, we may accept evidence in non-English languages and will have it translated where we need to in order to make a properly reasoned decision. In cases where a disciplinary action results from the investigation, RICS will normally seek to recover the costs of the translation as part of the investigation costs.

Compliance reviews

In the case of a compliance review (such as for Valuer Registration) we will generally conduct the review in English. Where this is not possible we will normally make an interpreter available (in order to assist our understanding and/or to assist the professional or firm’s understanding and cooperation). If this is not possible, we may require the professional or firm under review to provide an interpreter.

Disciplinary panel hearings

Disciplinary panel hearings are conducted in English. If a member or witness requires translation services in order to participate in the hearing process, RICS should be informed and will secure an independent translator. The costs of the translator will be included in the costs of the hearing, which RICS will normally seek to recover from the professional or firm if disciplinary action results. The disciplinary panel will decide who should bear translation costs at the conclusion of the hearing.

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