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Finance Committee

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for ensuring RICS operates appropriate financial and accounting policies globally.

The Committee assesses the financial performance of RICS and determines the strategy for management of RICS investments ensuring appropriate reserve levels and generating adequate returns. In addition, the Committee sets non - executive remuneration levels, monitors and manages the impact on the Institution’s liquidity of significant income and expenditure items e.g. variation in subscription income, the Institution’s contribution to pension funds of staff. The Committee conducts regular financial scenario planning and recommending the long-term investment plan and framework, and is comprised of non-members (independent) and members of RICS.

Chair, Richard Gunning

Richard is a dual-qualified Chartered Accountant in both the UK and Canada, and is also a UK Chartered Internal Auditor. In four decades of financial leadership he has held senior roles at Laing O'Rourke, Bechtel, Hyder Consulting, Halcrow, Olympia & York, PWC and Deloitte. His career includes long term secondments to the Canary Wharf development project from inception and to the Delivery Partner of the London 2012 Olympics programme. In addition to working in the UK, he also spent nine years in Canada, and seven years in the Middle East. Other major projects he has worked on include Heathrow Terminal 5, the High Speed rail link at St Pancras, and airport investment/asset management projects at Luton, Lima, Costa Rica and Curacao. He is experienced in all aspects of strategic business planning, financing, assurance and governance in dynamic project based enterprises, and has effectively used risk management to contribute towards better commercial outcomes.

Current non executive director roles are:

Chair of the Finance Committee of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Director of FCO Services and Chair of the audit and risk assurance committee

Finance Committee membership

  • Cate Agnew – FRICS
  • Colin Sarre - Independent
  • Jitendra Bhuva - Independent
  • John Turner – Independent
  • Garry Hirth - Interim Chief Financial Officer