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Global Quarterly Performance Reports

Global Quarterly Performance Reports

Giving you RICS operational performance per quarter

The global quarterly performance reports are intended to give both employees and professionals a high-level overview of the organisation's operational performance at the end of each quarter.

To achieve Governing Council’s vision, the Management Board has set out four strategic priorities that will position RICS as a globally relevant and trusted professional body for the 21st

Influential - through collaboration with others, we bring about beneficial change in response to the major challenges the world faces.

Trusted - the standards to which RICS professionals work are adopted and required in the major economies of the world.

In demand - as a result of market respect and requirement for our profession’s standards and qualifications, highly talented individuals will choose to qualify, commit to lifelong professionalism and work to RICS’ standards.

Sustainable - the organisation is efficient and financially stable, and the profession and RICS employees are highly engaged, energised and collaborative in an inclusive culture.

The report at a glance

Rules of Conduct

The RICS Rules of Conduct are changing in to one clear framework to help the global profession respond to new risks and opportunities. 

This will help provide:

  • A simpler structure

  • Clear examples of how members and firms should behave to comply

  • A focus on respect, diversity & inclusion

  • An Understanding of evolving technology

  • Tackling global challenges

Key numbers

  • 11,973 Members hold RICS professional designations (FRICS, MRICS, AssocRICS) worldwide

  • 4,457 downloads of economic surveys and insight papers

  • Over 10,000 registrations across our training and conferences portfolio

  • 20,902 unique visitors to our World Built Environment Forum content

  • 478 new professionals awarded RICS designations at quarter end

  • 1,709 new condidate enrolments at quarter end

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Green and technology-driven construction will play a key role in controlling emissions, making cities more self-reliant to cope with growing uncertainties during a changing climate.  Cities are the key to meeting the challenges of climate adaptation

Clement Lau
President, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Clement Lau, President. RICS