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Ska Foundation Course

This Ska Foundation e-learning course provides you with a detailed introduction to the philosophy and methodology of the system. It provides a high level overview of all the sustainability issues that relate to non-domestic fit-outs.
5 hrs Formal CPD
£380 + VAT


Ska Rating is an environmental assessment method focussing on the non-domestic fit-out market. It looks at the key sustainability issues relating to a fit-out and rates a project on how well it performs against key issues. By completing this course it will provide you with the first part of the training program to enable you to become qualified as either an Offices or Retail Ska Accredited Assessor.

This e-learning course is made up of the Ska Foundation module and the Foundation course exam. After studying this course and passing the exam you will be able continue to either the Offices or Retail Ska courses.

Course Pre-Requisites

Delegates attending this course will be expected to be familiar with interior fit-outs. I.e. they should understand the terminology and the processes involved in the fit out process. This course will not provide training on how to carry out an interior fit-out. Candidates who are confident that they already have sufficient prior knowledge at foundation level may bypass the Ska Foundation Course by completing the online examination only.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for any professional involved in the fit-out of non-domestic properties, those wishing to become qualified Ska Assessors in the Offices or Retail schemes and those who wish to understand how Ska Rating can be used as a management tool to demonstrate the sustainability of their property portfolio.

How it Works

Whatever your starting point, a Ska Rating will enable you to measure 100% of the environmental performance of an interior fit-out. The foundation is the starting point for any professional who wants an accredited and professional way to:

  • Carry out an informal self- assessment of the environmental performance of their fit-out
  • Commission a quality-assured assessment and certificate from an RICS-accredited Ska assessor
  • Obtain clear guidance on good practice in fit-out and how to implement it
  • Benchmark the performance of fit-outs against each other and the rest of the industry

Candidates with prior Ska knowledge can bypass the Ska Foundation training course and opt to just take the online exam to find out more please visit SKA rating.

On completion of the Ska Foundation course candidates will be able to choose their specialist subject as a Office or Retail assessor.

Learning Objectives

  •  Understand the appropriate projects to use SKA Rating on
  •  Understand the SKA Rating philosophy
  •  Understand the SKA Rating methodology
  •  Understand the sustainability issues that relate to non-domestic fit outs
  •  Understand how to apply the SKA Rating process to a fit-out project and to a property portfolio
  •  Understand how to assess issues with evidence examples, as compliant or not


  • Non-RICS professionals £515 + VAT
  • RICS professionals £380 + VAT
  • Visa

  • Mastercard

£380 + VAT