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Professional renewals: FAQs


  • What is my current fee for the year?

    Your professional fee is calculated based on your status, including the country in which you practise, your grade and any personal circumstances on 1 January each year.

    You might be eligible for a concession if your personal circumstances change. You must apply for concessions prior to 31 December.

    Pay your fees

    When are my fees due?

    Your professional fees become due on 1 January each year.

    RICS operates a 30 day payment term. As such your annual fee becomes overdue on 31st January each year if it is unpaid.

    Professionals who do not currently pay by Direct Debit will receive a renewal notification in November and will be asked to make payment by the 31st January.

    Professionals who pay by Direct Debit will have their renewal fees debited from their nominated bank account on or just after 1st January each year.

    Pay your fees now

    How can I pay?

    You can renew by credit/debit card, our online service allows you to pay 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Further information on alternative payment methods 

    Can I pay by cheque?

    We no longer accept payments by cheque for professional fees. Any cheques received will be returned to sender.

    Can I pay by bank transfer?

    You are able to pay by bank transfer, however please note, this is not a preferred method of payment.

    Find the relevant bank details to pay by direct bank transfer 

    When making a BACS payment for professional fees, the reference must contain the 7 digit membership number. To enable your payment to be allocated a remittance must be e-mailed to Payments that cannot be identified will be returned to the issuing bank account

    How can I get my invoice or receipt?

    You can download your invoice or amend the invoice address if required.

    If you make payment by card an online receipt will become available within 24hours of your payment. 

    Receipts and invoices are available via our secure online server 

    Can I have a VAT/GST receipt for my annual renewal payment?

    The supply of professional fees is exempt from VAT under Article 132(1)(i) Directive 2006/11/EC.

    Any donation to Lionheart is outside the scope of VAT on the basis that it is a donation to a charity which is independent of RICS.

    What happens if my company forgets to pay my RICS fees on my behalf?

    Each RICS professional is personally responsible for making sure their renewal is paid every year. We do not chase employers for payment and your status may be cancelled if payment is not received, even if it is part of your contract of employment that your company will pay your fees.

    If you receive a renewal notice or a reminder then you must assume that the payment has not been made and is not going to be made. Under these circumstances you should pay your fees as quickly as possible to avoid putting your status at risk. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to visit the secure online payment system.

    What happens if I am late paying my fees?

    Every year notifications are sent out in November to allow time to arrange payment prior to the fee becoming due on January 1.

    RICS operates a 30 day payment term and as such your annual fee becomes overdue on 31 January every year.

    If fees remain outstanding after this date then we reserve the right to enforce the below.

    R4.4 Failure to pay

    Where a member fails to pay any fees, subscriptions, levies or other sums by the due date, the Chief Executive may:

    • Impose a fee for late payment;
    • Enter into a written agreement with the member for payment by instalments or by a specified date and/or
    • With approval of the Management Board in a case of exceptional hardship, grant a discount (up to a maximum of 100%) in respect of any fee, subscription, levy or other sum.

    R4.4.2 Where a member does not comply with any requirement placed upon him under R4.4.1 and with approval in advance of the Management Board, the Chief Executive may:

    • Pursue court action for payment of sums owed to RICS; and/or
    • Remove the member from membership of RICS

    What happens if I am removed from RICS?

    If you are removed from the RICS you are no longer considered a professional member and your details would be removed from the profession’s register.

    You would no longer be entitled to use any RICS designation and would not be permitted to use the RICS logo on any business stationery, use the designation ‘Chartered Surveyor’ or suggest any affiliation with RICS.

    You would be informed to remove reference to these designations from all media (for example business literature, marketing, website, social media, letterhead, stationery, signage etc). The RICS carries out checks to ensure that this has taken place and would take appropriate action if this has not been done.

    If you wished to reinstate your RICS status you would be required to undertake a formal readmission. This would involve completion of application forms and a series of checks by our compliance and conduct teams which may take 4-6 weeks to process. This process would require payment of the outstanding renewal fees (in full) as well as any other fee or levy imposed to cover the costs of reinstating.

    Full details on how to reinstate your membership

  • My circumstances have changed: what concessions are available?

    We recognise how important your professional status is to you and we understand that sometimes your personal situation should be taken into account when your professional fee is due.

    Find out more about available concessions

    What concession am I eligible for?

    The RICS cannot advise on the most appropriate concession for your circumstances. 

    Find out more about available concessions

    I was granted a concession this year, will I need to re-apply for next year?

    Professionals who are granted the retired, non-practising, part-time, academic or dual membership concessions will not need to re-apply as these concessions carry forward automatically.

    If your circumstances have changed and you are no longer eligible for one of these concessions then please let us know immediately as you will be required to pay further fees.

    The ill-health, maternity/paternity/adoption and unemployed concessions only apply to the current renewal year and therefore professionals in receipt of these concessions must re-apply every year.

    I have applied for a concession, how will I know it has been approved?

    If you have applied for a concession online you will receive an email from us almost immediately to confirm that this has been applied to your account.

    If I am granted a concession am I still required to fulfil my obligations to complete 20 hours of CPD per year (10 formal and 10 informal)?

    This is dependent on the type of concession applied for.

    Find out more about the requirements of each concession

  • How can I update my personal details?

    To ensure we have your correct details, please log into your online account where you can view and amend the data that we have for you. It is your responsibility to make sure we have your correct contact details.

    Why is it important to have my details up to date?

    We make every effort to ensure you receive all necessary communications from us, but you need to keep us informed of your correct and most up to date contact details

    It is your responsibility to make sure we have your correct contact details.

    Can a third party call to discuss my fees?

    We cannot discuss your fees or payments with any third party without your permission. If someone contacts us on your behalf and we do not have this permission in place then we will refuse to enter into a discussion until we have your consent.

  • When you renew your membership, you will receive a digital membership card which offers a more sustainable way to confirm your credentials.

    You can easily view proof of your membership and designation via your online RICS account, and download your digital membership card, at any time, to a desktop or mobile device.

    How do I access my digital membership card?

    Your digital card confirms your membership and designation and is available under your personal profile on the My Account section of the RICS website. It is a PDF which you can view, download or print on demand.

    When will I receive the digital membership card?

    Your digital membership card will be available in your online RICS account 24 hours after payment or commitment to pay of your annual subscription.

    Why has RICS made this change?

    The creation of a new digital membership card responds to feedback from the profession about reducing the amount of plastic we produce. Last year we outlined our intention to seek a more sustainable alternative to the plastic membership cards and this new solution forms part of our effort to deliver an enhanced digital-first experience that is tailored, easily accessible and cost effective.

    When will the change be effective?

    We will no longer issue plastic membership cards. The new digital membership cards were introduced in 2021 and will be used to confirm 2022 membership. They become available 24 hours after payment of your annual subscription, or on initial entry to membership.

    What format is it?

    The digital membership card will be in a PDF format, easily accessible to view and download on demand via a desktop or mobile device.

    What if I don’t have a connection?

    The digital membership card is a PDF format that can be downloaded and saved to allow you to continually access it without needing an internet connection.

    Can I access it on a mobile/tablet?

    Yes, the digital membership card is in a PDF format, easily accessible to view and download on demand via a desktop or mobile device.

    Will I get a new one every year?

    Yes, the digital membership card will outline the year it relates to, as well as your designation (AssocRICS, MRICS or FRICS). A new version will be issued following payment of your annual subscription for subsequent years.

  • What is LionHeart?

    LionHeart is a global, independent charity run for RICS professionals and their families, providing advice, information, support, counselling and finance assistance to those who experience difficulties including bereavement, ill-health, disability, accident, unemployment, family problems and difficulties in retirement.

    Hundreds of RICS professionals and their dependents are helped by LionHeart every year.

    Each year we ask RICS professionals to include a voluntary donation to LionHeart when paying their annual subscription.

    Is the LionHeart Donation compulsory?

    The donation to Lionheart is voluntary.

    You can amend your Lionheart donation via your online RICS account.

    If you wish to make a separate donation to Lionheart at your own chosen value you can do so here.

  • If you are considering your resignation from the RICS please e-mail this request to we will contact you to discuss the reason for your resignation and may try to find a way to help you retain your RICS Professional Status.

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