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17 JAN 2021

My Way: Dr Roger Kam MRICS

Meet Dr Roger Kam, the academic who nurtures and cultivates our next generation to enter the built environment and shapes the world of tomorrow. His passion in education extends beyond the university’s walls and goes into research, publication and consultation where he promotes building quality and sustainability construction in Malaysia.

Becoming a Chartered Surveyor

By getting myself a leading global chartered qualification from RICS, it is tangibly reflecting my credential especially when I am teaching a Bachelor of Quantity Surveying Programme in Taylor’s University in Malaysia. Besides with the MRICS initial, it helps in putting on trustworthiness and credibility to my professional abilities as a Senior Lecturer teaching a RICS-accredited Degree Programme.

The beginning

I started off with a construction company as a project engineer and was in charge of several projects located in the Pearl of the Orient, Malaysia. The projects that I have been involved in were interestingly challenging, where the buildings were built on hillside, seaside and reclaimed land. I also experienced some memorable and special works while doing these projects, which include stone blasting, land reclamation, and seawater dewatering. It is not surprising to have these special works because of the topography of the island, and these experiences helped me become a better engineer.

The breakthrough

Before I made the career shift, I had a small taste of teaching when I conducted a lecture series during the pursuit of my Ph.D and that was where I found my passion in teaching. Teaching is not just a profession, but also a mission. I found no career can be more rewarding than that of a lecturer who is building the personality of a student in preparation to equip him or her to face the competitive world and shape the world of tomorrow.

My opportunity to join the academic industry came when I met an inspiring lady, Sr Ang Fuey Lin and the Dean of School of Architecture, Building and Design (SABD), Professor Tony Liew. Soon after, I became a fulltime Lecturer and later on followed by a promotion to an Associate Dean in Learning and Quality for 2 years in the School of Architecture, Building and Design.

I acquired my RICS chartership in 2019. As a member of RICS, not only am I a recipient of the prestigious professional qualification as a Chartered Surveyor, it also offers me a genuine competitive advantage and holds my credentials high as an educator. Apart from that, my expertise is recognised not only by the university, it is also recognised by my clients and national boards because of the high standard sets by RICS to ensure that professionalism is embedded as a Chartered Surveyor worldwide.

Dr Kam
Dr Roger Kam MRICS

A highlight going through the APC process?

Roger: I learnt that the narration to turn my practical experiences into a record is the key to convey my real-life working experiences in the field of surveyor to a written account of connected events in my career for this Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) process.

Apart from the competencies as a professional surveyor to hold the ability to provide a quality services to be recognised by RICS, professional ethic also plays an important part in the APC process to reflect the competency of a recognised candidate by RICS.

By rising to RICS standards as a Chartered Surveyor, I am able to provide unrivalled confidence and trust of my capabilities not only to my students, but also to the market. 

Dr. Roger Kam MRICS, Senior Lecturer, Taylor’s University

The present

Currently, I am a Senior Lecturer for SABD under Taylor’s University. Other than teaching the bachelor programme and supervising the Ph.D. students for SABD, my role also involves research, publication and consultation. I am actively collaborating closely with other academics and construction industry players to do research & development, as well as sharing my expertise to provide strategic advice and the right solutions to the problems that arise in the construction industry with consultation activities for clients.

As an academic, I am actively writing research articles and presenting my research works in the conferences. My accomplishments include having published almost 20 research articles in the journals and conference proceedings. Moreover, I am also involved as a reviewer for the Emerald Publishing Group. Here, I contribute my knowledge and expertise in reviewing the articles submitted to the publisher to ensure that the quality of the articles submitted for the journal is up to the required standard.

In addition, I was also involved in doing corporate talks for several developers on behalf of the Malaysia Construction Industry Development Board’s (CIDB) QLASSIC Standard. Most of my talks are about how to perform and deliver high quality housing products and how to improve workmanship of the workers on site. I was also appointed by Malaysia CIDB to evaluate their Malaysian Carbon Reduction and Environment Sustainability Tool (MyCREST) guidelines and scoring system. Furthermore, in 2019, I was appointed as a consultant and committee member for CIDB to develop a new guideline and this project is still on going.

The future

Being in the built environment community, I aim to advocate building quality and sustainability construction across the region. This involves sharing of my research findings and experiences through dialogues, conferences, seminars and workshops for professional institutions and public/private listed companies. Moreover, together with the industry revolution, I have also made my sharing more accessible to the online community, thus reaching an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable to promote the Malaysian Academic Industry.

I feel that the RICS qualification is the next step for our young professionals to start their journey as it provides the opportunity for them to be recognised and to enhance their career prospects beyond their own country, and expand their global professional network by connecting with their professional peers and leading market figures. They are our next future leaders and I look forward to see more young professionals join the industry and create a difference.

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  • 2009 Graduates with a bachelor’s degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • 2009 Joins the construction industry in Penang, Malaysia
  • 2010 Graduates with a master’s degree
  • 2011 Receives award for Universiti Sains Malaysia Top Research Work and Publication Award (Sanggar Sanjung Award)
  • 2012 Receives award for Elsevier Top 25 Science Direct Article Award for 2012
  • 2014 Joins the academic industry
  • 2014 Graduates with a Ph.D. from Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • 2015 Becomes Associate Dean of School of Architecture, Building and Design, Taylor’s University for 2 years
  • 2016 Becomes reviewer for Emerald Publishing Group
  • 2017 Registers as an Engineering Technologist (Eng.Tech.) with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)
  • 2019 Registers as a Professional Technologist (Ts.) with the Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT)
  • 2019 Gains MRICS qualification
  • 2019 Joins the technical committee for Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)
  • 2020 Becomes Malaysia Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) recognised trainer
  • 2020 Becomes recognised training provider for MBOT