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17 SEP 2021

Meet Prema Caussy Mooken MRICS, a project manager and pioneer in Mauritius

  • Prema, tell us something about your professional career so far

My 13 years of experience in construction and project management have given me a good insight into the importance of collaboration for the successful delivery of projects. Over the years, I have worked closely with the integrated design team and contractors to meet project deliverables in terms of time, cost, quality, safety and risk whilst ensuring that I have a happy and satisfied client at the end of each project. I was lucky enough to handle some technically complex, challenging and fast-paced projects in Mauritius, which helped me improve my skills in managing large-scale projects.

  • What made you decide to become a Chartered Member?

RICS stands for professionalism worldwide and promotes the development of professionals by providing world-class training through CPD. My mentor, Mr Anil Singh Rana FRICS, has actively delivered informative and thought-provoking webinars that have inspired me to qualify as a MRICS so that I can provide a high level of service to my clients. I strongly believe in being consistent in one's work and practice in line with the Rules of Conduct and Global Ethical Standards to promote confidence in the profession.

  • How did you experience the RICS qualification process?

Depending on the sector you work in, the RICS provides well-defined guides explaining the different competencies one should have in order to qualify as a Chartered Surveyor.  I took the opportunity to attend various seminars that described step by step the different stages and explained how to prepare to be assessed against a specific set of competencies.

  • What has your experience been as a woman in a male-dominated industry?

A challenge indeed. As a woman, the real challenge is to make yourself heard and respected in the industry. However, if you are willing to put in the effort, achieve results and use the resources available to you to develop yourself, you will certainly be able to overcome any obstacle in your way and lead by example.

Although it has been a long and tough journey, I must admit that it was my male co-workers who empowered me and helped me build my confidence.  A huge thank you to all my colleagues in the industry for their support and guidance.

  • You are the 1st female Chartered Project Management Surveyor in Mauritius. What advice would you give to other women wanting to join this field?

Learn to believe in yourself, because confidence matters.  Don't be afraid to put an idea on the table, maybe that's what the team needs to make things work. Work to build trust in the team and support each other. Show empathy towards team members and be persistent in your point of view when needed.

Last but not least: Don't wait for things to change, be the change yourself trying to empower other women. Just be passionate about what you do, and the results will follow.

Prema Caussy Mooken, MRICS