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BCIS Price Adjustment Formulae Indices Online (PAFI)

BCIS Price Adjustment Formulae Indices Online (PAFI)

This tool provides a comprehensive, detailed and easy to use method of measuring cost movement for building and civil engineering. Widely used in the construction and infrastructure sector to help fairly allocate risk between the client and sub-contractors

It will help you

  • Aid transparency between client and contractors, fairly distributing risk
  • Achieve flexibility and accurate forward planning based on price adjustments that take into account future variations
  • Manage inflationary risk and offer increased cost certainty at the budgeting stage, procurement stage and final account
  • Get the best price to ensure smooth delivery of payments and projects
  • Reduce negotiation time by using ‘industry standard’ indices
  • Save time by reducing the complexity of contracts and frameworks
  • Monitor inflation by choosing from a basket of relevant indices
  • Gives you the option to obtain bespoke forecasting as a cost prediction
  • Help you to pre-qualify costs at the tender stage if there is a ‘Inflation Adjustment clause’ in the contract

What's included?

  • Over 200 indices in four index series (Building, Civil Engineering, Specialist Engineering and Highways Maintenance)
  • Select from the indices which reflect the nature of the project
  • Downloadable indices to use in your own system


Based on the number of people in your organisation, not the number of users. Prices exclude VAT.

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How PAFI helped Crossrail...

Robert Stockwell, Programme Cost Manager on 7/30/2015
Crossrail (CRL)

At Crossrail we have administered NEC3 Contracts with Secondary Option X1 clauses using the BCIS Price Adjustment Formulae Indices (PAFI). By using the BCIS Indices we have been able to procure contracts where inflation is identified as an Employers risk which could otherwise have been priced by our Tier 1 Contractors at a potentially high risk premium. The biggest benefit of using the BCIS Price Adjustment Formulae Indices is that it promotes a collaborative commercial arrangement between the project manager and contractor by setting out in the contract tender process exactly how the impact of inflation will be measured and how the Contractor will recover costs through the administration of a periodic Price Adjustment

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