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Cost Benchmarking

With best practice methodologies and a reliable source of comprehensive cost data, we will show you how you are performing against similar projects or organisations.

Benchmarking is an invaluable management tool for the measurement and comparison of performance. Comparison is the key to benchmarking and having a wide choice of comparators allows for a greater appreciation of potential cost drivers.

There are a number of well-developed techniques used to benchmark performance, all of which share a common three stage approach, commencing with a planning stage which helps to define the process and data sources to be evaluated.

This is followed by the analysis stage in which data is collected and analysed to identify gaps and differences to pinpoint targets for improvement. Finally, the third stage is used for communicating to the client and implementing lessons learned.

An integral component of benchmarking costs is an understanding of the key cost drivers. BCIS host a cost database with over 20,000 construction projects which places us in a unique position to provide cost benchmarking services. Unlike many other consultants we have no conflict of interest and our independence provides confidence and trust.

We regularly compile detailed benchmarking studies for the UK and international locations. Please get in touch if you need our assistance or would like an informal discussion.