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RICS Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Index

RICS Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Index

RICS, with the support of the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), have developed an annual index for the purposes of keeping the levy rate responsive to market conditions.

From 1 January 2020 local authorities in areas which charge the levy should use the figure for 1 November for the preceding calendar year. See the ‘Community Infrastructure Levy (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2019’ and related  MHCLG guidance here

The Index is an annual index and the figure to be used from 1 November each year will be published in October.

RICS CIL Index (base 1985 mean = 100)

Year  Index  Published
2020  334

28th October 2019

2021 333

26th October 2020

2022 332

25th October 2021

The index is based on the BCIS All-in Tender Price Index (BCIS TPI).  Details of the calculation of the RICS CIL index and the BCIS TPI are given below.

The index is published on the same base as the BCIS All-in Tender Price Index used in the previous regulations. The 2021 figure is based on building prices in 2020 (see details of calculation) and will apply from 1st January 2021, it can therefore be used to update schedules set up under the previous regulations and as the base for new schedules.

The index will be published on the fourth Monday in October each year. The Index, once published, will not normally be subject to revision. Should RICS feel it necessary to amend a published Index this will only be done with the agreement of MHCLG and details will be provided on the Webpage.

Application of the index

The index should be applied as set out in the ‘Community Infrastructure Levy (Amendment) (England) (No.2) Regulations 2019’ and any guidance thereto issued by MHCLG.

Calculation of the RICS CIL Index and BCIS TPI

Details of the calculation of the RICS CIL Index are set out in the attachment below.


Other relevant BCIS Services

BCIS data on average building costs and project analyses will also be of use in establishing CIL charging schedules, these are available in the BCIS online service.

Other relevant RICS Guidance

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  • Financial viability in planning: conduct and reporting - RICS professional statement 1st edition, May 2019

  • RICS Guidance Note on Valuation of Development Land, 2019

  • RICS Research Financial Viability Appraisal in planning decisions: Theory and practice, April 2015

  • isurv Planning Channel, an online knowledge tool for professionals working in the built environment to access detailed and comprehensive information from RICS including all standards and guidance notes.

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MHCLG Guidance

Terms & Conditions for using the RICS CIL can be found below

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