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Ground Rent Assessment

Ground Rent Assessment

If you own a long lease on a property in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, you may have to pay rent to the freeholder or landlord of the property; this is often known as Ground Rent. If the Ground Rent is subject to a review and the landlord and tenant cannot agree on the new Ground Rent, they can make an application to RICS DRS to appoint a dispute resolver.

Why use RICS Dispute Resolution Service?

  • Cost - The application fee is £425 inclusive of VAT for the first property in a block. After that, there is a fee of £20 inclusive of VAT for each further property within the same block.
  • Professionalism – Our dispute resolvers are highly trained professionals who have high levels of expertise and experience in their specialist area of work. They are governed by the rules, quality assurance standards and codes of conduct laid down by RICS.
  • Trained specialists – The professionals who sit on our panels and are appointed to provide our services are specially selected and undergo continuous training. They must also maintain the highest professional standards.

Contact the DRS team

RICS Dispute Resolution Service
55 Colmore Row
B3 2AA

Call: +44 (0) 20 7334 3806

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How do I apply for a dispute resolver?

There is an application fee of £425.00 inclusive of VAT for the first flat in the block and there is a charge of £20 inclusive of VAT for each further flat (unit) in the block. Please note that if the units are in separate blocks you will be required to complete a separate application form of £425 for each block and the same charging structure of £20 for each unit will be applied within each block.

(Please note: If you have a Head Lease, this scheme is not applicable to you. Please contact us for more information).

To apply for DRS to appoint a dispute resolver, please complete and return the application form.