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Property Measurer Certification

Property Measurer Certification

RICS' Property Measurer Certification provides market confidence in the reporting of measurements to International Property Measurement Standards. RICS-qualified professionals and certified measurers have the skills and competence to deliver the transparency and consistency needed through all stages of the property lifecycle.

Why property measurement matters

TV property expert Phil Spencer explains the value of this guidance for all property surveyors, which aims to drive down inconsistent and inaccurate measurement practices.

Why become RICS certified?

Certification demonstrates your commitment to the highest standards of property measurement. The desire for International Property Measurement Standards has been established; RICS has the tools - through training, assessment and continuing professional development - to promote who is best placed to offer measurement services in compliance with the standards.

All RICS-qualified professionals (AssocRICS, MRICS and FRICS) are committed to the standard as part of their professional obligations and may offer measurement services alongside their other surveying services. If you want to gain this status exclusively for your measurement services then the certification is for you.

The value of an RICS credential

  • You provide confidence to your clients by demonstrating your commitment to consistency in standards
  • You are recognised in the market by employers, clients and end users
  • You gain access to professional guidance and support to maintain your knowledge and progress your career
  • You have access to a network of your professional peers

How to get certified

There are five stages to becoming an RICS Certified Property Measurer.

1. Eligibility

Are you employed to provide measurement reports or floor plans? This certification from RICS is for individuals who measure properties – residential or commercial – for the purposes of creating measurement reports or floor plans.

Note: If you are enrolled as an RICS trainee or have experience that meets the activities required for the RICS surveying disciplines, you will be directed to pursue the RICS qualifications. The certification is for individuals providing measurement services who are operating outside RICS surveying disciplines.

2. Training

Complete 3-hour e-learning module on the RICS property measurement standard, including passing an online multiple-choice question exam

3. Ethics

Complete 3-hour e-learning module on RICS ethical standards, including passing an online multiple-choice question exam

4. Submission

Prepare a floor plan and measurement report and write a 1000-word response to an assignment question to test your understanding of the RICS property measurement standard

5. Assessment

Your submission will be assessed by trained RICS-qualified professionals. You will receive your result within 8 weeks of the submission deadline.


You will be awarded with a certificate and given access to an exclusive RICS-certified logo to promote your credentials and your name will be listed on a register on the RICS website.

As an RICS Certified Property Measurer you must commit to the following:

  • Completion of 5 hours’ continuing professional development (CPD) each year
  • Reassessment every 3 years
  • Payment of an annual subscription

Please read the terms and conditions of certification before purchasing the training and assessment. You will need to sign the declaration to be awarded the certification.

Contact us for more information about introducing the RICS Property Measurer Certification to your organisation, and how we can deliver it for you


Application fee £400+VAT

Subscription fee £175+VAT

Download the Terms and Conditions

RICS Certified Property Measurers

  • These individuals have been assessed as competent to deliver measurement services in compliance with the RICS property measurement standard. Names are listed alphabetically by last name.

    RICS-qualified professionals (AssocRICS, MRICS and FRICS) are competent to deliver measurement services in compliance with the RICS property measurement standard.

    Check their credentials using the RICS-qualified professionals directory

    Check the register