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6 OCT 2021

How Proptech and Lawtech intersect at the Golden Thread

What is the recently published Golden Thread and what does it mean for stakeholders in the UK working under CDM from a LawTech perspective?  Who are all the stakeholders impacted? What kind of data will need to be maintained and shared between stakeholders?  Why does this need to be a digital process?  How will technology support this increased need for communication, a shared audit trail supporting assurance and the lineage of data?  What is Blockchain and how does it support your solution?  What are the barriers that could challenge the implementation of the Golden Thread under CDM?  

Imanuel Steele from Prin-D Technology and Bola Abisogun from DiverseCity Surveyors speak to Andrew Knight on these topics as they discuss the benefits of using technology for the Golden Thread and CDM in the UK construction sector 

More information regarding the Tech Partner Programme and our partner Prin-D Technology can be found here

RICS Tech Partner Programme talk with Prin-D Technology – Golden Thread, Blockchain & Digitisation