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11 OCT 2021

What is ‘Hedonic Valuation’ and how does it factor into AVMs?

What can Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) achieve, considering different asset classes and legal frameworks?  What do users of hedonic AVMs need to bear in mind? How does the readiness for digitalisation in Switzerland differ from that in the German real estate industry? Why should companies pay more attention to the possibilities of hedonic valuation?  How do you assess the digitisation strategies of real estate companies in Germany?   What role does regulation play in Germany?  Where do you see the greatest potential of digitalisation regarding the real estate industry? Are the possibilities of data analytics sufficiently known? What role does digitalisation play in measuring ESG?  What are the current trends in the digitalisation of the real estate industry? 

Stefan Fahrländer and Magnus Danneck from Fahrländer Partner speak to Andrew Knight on these topics as they discuss AVMs and digitisation in Switzerland and Germany. 

More information regarding the Tech Partner Programme and Fahrländer Partner can be found here.

RICS Tech Partner Programme talk with Fahrländer Partner