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Are you under investigation?

Are you under investigation?

Find out what we do if you are under investigation.

A Regulated Member is an RICS professional or regulated firm. We can investigate concerns raised about any Regulated Member. We receive information from members of the public, professionals and other authorities. We do not act on all information we receive. We will review the information and consider whether it suggests that there has been misconduct by a Regulated Member.

In most cases, we do not take any action because the concerns are not serious or in the public interest to pursue further. In these cases, we may not contact the Regulated Member.

If we think that the information suggests misconduct, we will contact the Regulated Member for more information and to give them an opportunity to explain their conduct.

The response will be reviewed alongside the information gathered to decide whether there is credible evidence that rules or standards have not been upheld. If there is, we will assess the seriousness of the misconduct and whether it is in the public interest to take disciplinary action.

If we do not take disciplinary action, we may offer some advice to the Regulated Member. We will also keep a record of the information as it may indicate a pattern of behaviour if we receive future concerns.

If we do decide to take disciplinary action, we can do so by agreeing an outcome in a Regulatory Compliance Order, referring the matter to a Single Member of the Conduct and Appeal Committee or referring the matter to a Disciplinary Panel.

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Our guidance sets out how we decide whether to take disciplinary action:

Download: How we decide to take disciplinary action

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