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Responsible Principal nomination process

Responsible Principal nomination process

A responsible principal will have primary responsibility for ensuring that RICS' professional, technical and ethical standards are applied, upheld and supported by an appropriate assurance framework within a regulated firm.

Start your application to become a Responsible Principal

How to process a nomination

1. Please use the link provided to log in using your email address and password.

2. After reading the guidance, please click Next.

3. Please ensure all the details displayed on this page are correct and make any necessary amendments using the Edit buttons before clicking Next.

4. Please answer all five questions and then click Submit.

If you answer yes to any question(s), you should provide further details as requested.

5. You should then review all the information you have provided and carefully read the declaration before signing and clicking Submit.

Application approved

If your application has been approved, you will see the following message:

You will also be able to view the scheme approval when you select Regulation from the menu.

Application under review

If you receive notification that your application is under review, we will be in contact with you to discuss your application further.
Please note that you will be unable to apply for firm registration until the Responsible Principal nomination process is successfully completed.