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Black Book

Black Book

The 'Black Book' is a suite of guidance notes that define good technical standards for quantity surveying and construction professionals.

These standards are essential development tools for younger professionals working through their APC and useful guides to best practice for more experienced professionals.

Certainty and consistency

Clear standards against which professionals can perform their duties eliminate ambiguity and promote best practice; they also help to ensure clients receive objective advice, delivered in a professional manner and with a consistent approach, and allow the benchmarking of services when employing professionals. Further standards are added to the 'Black Book' as times goes on. Once completed, it will provide a legacy of technical information for RICS professionals.

Please be aware that a number of these guidance notes contain material and guidance which are rendered out of date by the publication of various contracts and other documents and as a result of evolving construction contract case law, such that revisions are necessary to the existing text. Please proceed with caution when referring to and citing these guidance notes and take professional advice as necessary if in doubt. The revised editions of these and all other guidance notes that require an update will be published as soon as possible.