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WBEF Summit China 2020

Built environment professionals, innovators and global influencers will convene in Shanghai, China for the RICS World Built Environment Forum Summit 2020.

THU 30 JUL 2020
09:15 - 17:30
Jing An Shangri-La, 1218 Middle Yan'an Road, Jing An Kerry Centre, West Nanjing Road, Shanghai, 200040, China

Event background

According to The Global Risks Report 2020, the world will face five major risks in 2020, including geopolitical instability, global economic slowdown, climate change, cybersecurity threats, as well as rising global political and economic inequality. Each of these risks is related to climate and the environment.

RICS is committed to promoting the sustainable development of city clusters. When city clusters are highly integrated, even minor environmental, political or economic shocks can have profound and far reaching repercussions, such as influence of COVID-19 epidemic. Therefore, embedding feasible of commercial, environmental and social risk mitigation and resilience processes will be key factor to the sustainable development of clusters. Urban resilience means when external environment changes, the city own ability to resist external shocks, adapt to change and self-recovery. With the rapid development of urbanization and globalization, as well as climate change risky, urban resilience has been a global urban planning and governance focus. WBEF Summit China 2020 will bring together decision makers, from the worlds of policy, city management, investment, construction and other related industry professions. Attendees will discuss responsible approaches to managing the urban and natural environment, and economy, and share professional knowledge, skills and resources. Our panel of speakers will share strategies for developing urban resilience to protect against external shocks and adapt to change. The Summit will bring together eminent professionals from the global construction sector, urban planning and operational management, and adopters of related international standards and best practices. Further areas of focus will include: infrastructure construction and transformation; the opportunities and challenges to real estate industry as resilience moves up the city agenda; and how new and emerging technologies can boost smart city resilience.

With the support of government, industry associations and the media, we’re proud to launch this summit. Attend, and join industry endeavours to guarantee the successful development of resilient city.


New Model of Urban Sustainable Development: Urban Resilience Planning and Construction
Promoting adaptable urban planning and building resilient cities
Building a safer and liveable resilient city
Actively promote new infrastructure construction through PPP mode
Resilient city planning exploration in the context of public health emergencies
Opportunities and challenges in the process of resilience-oriented urban transformation and development
Urban transformation and upgrading exploration under the new situation
Strategy and practice innovation of urban infrastructure transformation
Explore resilience management and technology support of construction projects in China from “Leishenshan and Huoshenshan Hospital” case study
New model of urban innovation and development based on Digital Twin
How construction enterprises deal with public health emergencies and future risk solutions
Technology energize intelligent building transformation
Refer to global best practices, building a smart and resilient city
How to achieve future economic  resilience through real estate investment and management?
China real estate investment market in the context of public health emergencies
Green finance energize real estate investment and achieve sustainable resilient development
China commercial real estate development new strategies
Continuing build urban resilience:  from space restructure to value reconstruction urban renewal progress
How real estate operators build resilient urban space through digital management?
If your building resilient enough? Asset health and safety operational management thinking and exploration "


Speech opportunities: Annie Cao 010 - 6597 8586 * 610

Sponsorship opportunities:

East China  Rebecca Lu: 021-52433090*235

North China Gavin Kong: 010-65978586*608

South China  Fiona Liang: 020-38778312*602

West China  Kenny Rong: 18580047708

Media cooperation : Zoe Zhang: 021-52433090*209

More information

  • Government officials and policy makers
    Institutional investors
    Real estate developers
    Asset management service providers
    Facility management company
    Property/Construction technology providers
    Built environment industry pioneers
    Real estate consulting service company
    City think tank
    Main contractors
    Engineering consultants
    Engineering cost consultants
    International & domestic media
    International and domestic professional organizations
    Law firms, etc

  • How past delegates describe WBEF summit

    'It is the go to event for property and construction professionals'

    'Global experts tackling the world’s big problems. Inspiring event that stimulates new thinking and collaborative debate.'

    ‘An inspirational and thought provoking investment into our future’

    ‘The Summit will last long in the memory and will help form our strategy going forwards. The principles set out show whatever aspect of the built environment you work in, the topics discussed will have an impact.’ 

    ‘A terrific range of international thinkers, real leaders!’

A look back at the 2019 Summit...

The Summit of the World Built Environment Forum 2019 in New York brought two days of cutting edge discussions from some of the world's leading thinkers in the built environment, setting us up to drive the conversation forward in 2020.

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Venue directions

Jing An Shangri-La, West Shanghai

The charm of Shanghai is accentuated in the city’s upscale Jing An district, where glamorous malls and skyscrapers stand alongside quaint shops and lane houses.
Jing An Shangri-La, West Shanghai is central to the 450,000 square-metre Jing An Kerry Centre, which integrates prime hotel, retail, office and residential space overlooking a beautifully landscaped piazza.

Address: 1218 Middle Yan'an Road, Jing An Kerry Centre, West Nanjing Road, Shanghai, 200040, China
Tel (86 21) 2203 8888