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Resilient urban design for climate risk mitigation

Join us on 02 June 2021 at 16:00-17:00 BST / 11:00-12:00 EDT / 08:00-09:00 PDT to explore how urban centres can be future-proofed against rising sea levels and extreme weather

22 April 2021

Rising sea levels and climate related extreme weather events pose an existential risk to some of the world’s most economically and strategically important cities. How does the risk profile of natural hazards change from region to region, and where are the dangers most pronounced?  What can policymakers, businesses and built environment professionals do to future-proof urban centres accordingly? Join this webinar to find out.


  • David S.G Baxter MRICS, CEO, Mitig8 Risk Management and Chapter Chair, RICS Southeast
  • Rob Blevins, Founder and Senior Meteorologist, METCON
  • Crystal Egger, President, Monarch Weather Consulting

Date: 02 June 2021

Time: 16:00-17:00 BST / 11:00-12:00 EDT / 08:00-09:00 PDT

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