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16 DEC 2021

3D scanning buildings; old and new

How is scanning now being used across the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector?  How can surveyors add their own data and information onto scans of property at every stage of the lifecycle?  How can BIM be integrated into scans?  Which type of devices can you now use to capture scans?  How accurate do they need to be?  How does machine learning add value to the scanning process and help deal with issues like privacy and confidentiality?

Kris Atkinson speaks with Andrew Knight as they discuss how scanning technology is now being used across the built environment.

More information regarding Matterport and the Tech Partner Programme can be found at Matterport and You can open a free Matterport account here.

RICS Tech Partner discussion with Matterport - BIM, Data capture, 3D scanning