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Corporate Governance at RICS

Our governance structure enables us to deliver on the core mission of the profession and effect positive change in the built and natural environment by drawing on expertise from around the globe and across sectors.

Our governance structure

Our corporate governance structure is shaped by our Royal Charter, Bye-Laws and Regulation. RICS' governance structure combines governance bodies, as well as the Executive Team and Presidential Team, working harmoniously to set and execute our forward-looking strategy, so that we create confidence in markets and effect positive change in the built and natural environments.

Meet our governance bodies

The following boards and committees are our formal governance bodies required by our Charter and Bye-Laws and considered our top-level structure

The Executive Team consists of our CEO and Executive Directors responsible for our Operations, our Profession, our People, our Products, our Reputation and our School of the Built Environment.

Meet our Executive Team

The Presidential Team is elected by Governing Council.

Meet our Presidential Team

Our top level governance bodies are further supported by a number of discretionary committees:

World Regional Boards

Market Advisory Panels

Our vision for governance

RICS continues to evolve its governance through a series of reforms to ensure that we effectively draw on the leadership and oversight needed to shape a forward-looking strategy for the profession.  For more information on our reforms please visit our vision for governance page.