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Certificate in Residential Real Estate

Gain core skills and knowledge needed by people working with residential real estate. Study practical examples and case studies, and learn from experienced industry professionals

Available to start from January 2019

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Course Duration:
9 months
64 hours CPD
£945 + VAT


Residential property plays a vitally important role in society. In addition to its primary purpose of meeting the housing requirements of the population it is also a growing investment asset class.

Given the importance of housing in society, it is essential that the market is supported by qualified professionals who can ensure the industry operates smoothly and in line with recognized standards of practice.

In this course, we will cover the core skills required by residential chartered surveyors, focussing on core competencies identified by RICS’ industry expertise. This includes the principles and best practice related to activities like inspecting properties, valuing properties, letting and leasing and many more.

The course will last seven months and will use a combination of online learning tools and case studies to support the learning and will be extremely valuable to those looking to gain full MRICS membership or to gain fundamental skills required to work in the residential property market.

You can enrol on this course at any time.

Learning outcomes

  • Find out how residential properties are valued, and what can affect that value
  • Learn how to apply valuation methods, inspection and measurement techniques
  • Learn to recognise common defects and issues around housing maintenance, repairs and improvements.
  • Learn how to manage a residential property portfolio
  • Learn how the residential letting market works and what legal compliance is required

Who is this course for ?

Those who:

  • Work in the residential real estate sector and want to progress in the industry
  • Need an in-depth understanding of how residential properties are managed and valued, but aren’t ready to commit to an APC
  • Are studying the APC residential pathway and need support with the technical modules on your pathway
  • Have invested in or are thinking about investing in, a residential property portfolio


Introduction to the course

  1. Inspection
  2. Measurement
  3. Building Pathology
  4. Valuation
  5. Leasing/Letting
  6. Purchase and Sale
  7. Housing maintenance, repair and improvements
  8. Property Management

Revision Module: Course revision and exam


Upon completion of all technical modules, you will take a program examination to test knowledge. A certificate of completion will be awarded after passing the end of course assessment.

Please be aware that this is a professional training course, aimed to give you the practical knowledge need to succeed in your career. It is not an accreditation and does not lead directly to membership of RICS, or to becoming a registered surveyor. If you are interested in becoming RICS qualified, please check out this page.


  • RICS professionals Standard £945 + VAT
  • Non-RICS professionals Standard £1135 + VAT
  • Visa

  • Mastercard

£945 + VAT