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11 JAN 2022

New partnership set to boost standards in Philippines’ construction

Author: Julie Christie M. de la Cruz, Chair and Founder PICQS, and Marcus Lim,  RICS Head of Strategic Partnerships, APAC

In a recent survey conducted by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Quantity Surveyors are identified as one of the critical professions with skills shortage and a high demand. Whilst training and further upskilling current practitioners both in the private and public sector, there is a need to address the skills shortage quickly and as efficiently as possible. A new partnership with PICQS and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is set to help as PICQS professionals are now able to become Associate members of RICS. 

Construction always has the opportunity to help an economy rebound and this year is no different. Whilst the Build Build Build program has taken a considerable hit off the back of various lockdowns because of the pandemic, latest data shows that 16% of the Philippines GDP is contributed by the construction industry.

Given the importance of the sector, the Department of Trade and Industry- Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (DTI-CIAP) is looking to improve the quality of construction services, whether that’s through improved sustainability of projects or increasing the number of globally competitive Philippine firms. At the heart of globally recognised firms is professionalism and proof that they are working to the highest recognised standards in ethics as well as practice.

The unexpected events of 2019 to date are providing the Philippines an opportunity to review their current challenges and boost standards across the construction sector. With almost 80 flagship infrastructure projects left to complete as part of the Build Build Build program, some of the challenges projects are currently facing will have not been seen in years, as material shortages, delays in approval processes and access to free movement of labour all add to extending projects’ timelines and budgets.

Philippine Institute of Certified Quantity Surveyors (PICQS) has been working with Government to help modernize and upskill the Philippines’ construction sector.  There are various opportunities and demand is high, but skilled professionals are in short supply, and this is evident with the ongoing recruitment of various firms where getting a candidate with the right competencies is not there.

The RICS qualification is globally recognized and an internationally respected qualification, and PICQS have worked with them for a long time. The demand for Quantity Surveyors with professional qualifications is testament to professionals’ commitment to standards and ethical practices and will, in the end, benefit the construction sector in the Philippines. Boosting standards across the region is a common goal of PICQS and RICS and this latest partnership will open opportunities for quantity surveyors locally and overseas, help strengthen partnerships with government and schools, and deliver projects that are sustainable and meet our future needs.