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7 NOV 2022

Decarbonising UK real estate report

With buildings producing around 25% of all UK emissions, RICS is calling for urgent action from Government to address gaps and meet ambitious climate targets.

Existing UK Government decarbonisation policies are insufficient, without incentives to manage operational carbon emissions, an absence of regulation of embodied carbon from design to construction, and a limited retrofit programme.

The RICS Decarbonising UK real estate report calls for:

  • the modernisation of the EPC scheme
  • establishment of a UK-wide retrofit programme
  • a whole life approach to measuring carbon emissions with metrics and benchmarks to regulate emissions in line with climate targets.

For a snapshot view of our recommendations for policy reform to decarbonise real estate please read our factsheet.

For the full list, and a detailed discussion of policy role and gaps, download the RICS report Decarbonising UK real estate: recommendations for policy reform.