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The RICS Research Trust became fully independent of RICS from the end of January 2021 and has been re-branded as the Property Research Trust.


The RICS Research Trust became fully independent of RICS from the end of January 2021 and has been re-branded as the Property Research Trust. The existing Trustees remain in post and the administration of existing grants will be handled through the re-branded Trust, rather than RICS.

The move will free the Trust to seek wider funding from the across the surveying, real estate and built and natural environment sectors, with greater flexibility to support high quality research proposals that the Trustees judge to be of highest value to the public good.

Sean Tompkins, CEO of RICS said “This decision arises from changes in RICS’ approach and structures, driven in part by the Covid-19 pandemic. It does not reflect on the quality of the Trust’s research output or our positive relationship spanning many years. We deeply value the Trust’s work and look forward to strong relations into the future. The aims of RICS and the Trust are complementary. We strongly recommend the Trust as having been an outstanding partner and producer of excellent independent research which is of deep benefit to the built and natural environment”

Professor Sarah Sayce, Chair of the Trust said “The Trustees have always been grateful for the financial and administration support that RICS has generously made to the existing Trust and its predecessor, the RICS Education Trust, for a period spanning some sixty-five years, they recognise that changes within RICS mean that this close association is coming to an end. The Trustees now look forward positively towards working with potential funders and the global community of researchers to ensure that the Trust can continue to fulfil its main purpose of “preserving, conserving and improving the built and natural environments for the benefit of all”.


  • The Trust is already a registered charity, independent of RICS. However, it currently carries the RICS name and logo, draws on RICS staff resource, and commits to aligning its grants with RICS business plan priorities.

  • Although the Trust’s normal operations have been temporarily disrupted by RICS staff furloughs, these changes are not directly connected to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • This decision arises primarily from changes in RICS’ approach and structures. The change will also enable the Trust’s articles of association and administration to be more in line with UK Charity Commission guidance which has changed since the Trust was formed.

  • No, although when it is mutually beneficial RICS hopes and expects to help disseminate the Trust’s good work.

  • The Trust is adopting  a new name of the Property Research Trust  reflecting its full independence from RICS.

  • The Trust will establish its own website under its new name. The Trustees will make new arrangements to administer research projects.

  • These projects will continue as planned, with administration passing from RICS to the Trustees. The Trust will be in direct touch with grant holders about practical arrangements. 

  • The immediate priority is to ensure the orderly handover of research that is already underway. The Trustees will make an announcement on future grants in due course.

  • In future, Trust reports will carry the Property Research Trust brand. This name has been chosen to broaden their appeal to other potential funding bodies. As a result, Trust reports will no longer be routinely published as part of the RICS family. Nonetheless, we expect Trust research to continue to be of strong interest to the surveying profession, and to merit a place in RICS communications channels, possibly including the World Built Environment Forum.

  • No, it will continue to publish research-based insights relevant to the surveying profession, but it will cease to directly fund the type of academic research that has been published by the Research Trust.

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