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Growing your business

Growing your business

Optimising marketing and promotion are essential to ensure the ongoing generation of business leads and future sales.

Many surveyors have asked for guidance on how to optimise their promotional activities to ensure they get their name out into the market without spending a fortune. The aim is to focus your energy (and money) on the activities that cost effectively generate the most leads.

But business growth does not just relate to increased sales, it's important to focus on maintaining, or improving profitability. This can include taking on staff, or training current staff, developing your services and finding additional sources of funding.

A good source of advice is the business section of, where you'll find specific step-by-step guidance on growing your business.

Going digital can grow your business

Digital marketing can help maximise the return on your investment; providing a cost-effective way to reach key markets, acquire customers and grow your business.

The RICS Digital Guide for Small Busineses

Our interactive guide provides an overview of digital channels you can use to raise your profile and market your business, and features:

  • six ways to enhance your website
  • making the most of social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • an overview of digital media channels.

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