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Alternative designations

Alternative designations

Many of our members undertake specialist qualifications to become chartered in their field. These qualifications are also known as chartered alternative designations.

RICS-qualified professionals can undertake additional specialist qualifications to become chartered in their field.

These qualifications are referred to as Chartered Alternative Designations (CADs). Chartered surveyors who have joined and maintain their membership of the requisite Professional Group, are entitled to apply to use a CAD, though use of only one CAD at a time is permitted. Holders of the AssocRICS qualification are not eligible to apply.

Find the right alternative designation for you

    • Chartered Arts and Antiques Surveyor
    • Chartered Building Control Surveyor
    • Chartered Building Surveyor
    • Chartered Commercial Property Surveyor
    • Chartered Engineering Surveyor
    • Chartered Environmental Surveyor
    • Chartered Facilities Management Surveyor
    • Chartered Forestry Surveyor
    • Chartered Land Surveyor
    • Chartered Hydrographic Surveyor
    • Chartered Machinery Valuation Surveyor
    • Chartered Management Consultancy Surveyor
    • Chartered Minerals Surveyor
    • Chartered Planning and Development Surveyor
    • Chartered Project Management Surveyor
    • Chartered Quantity Surveyor
    • Chartered Valuation Surveyor

    Please note, there are no CADs applicable to:

    • Corporate Real Estate
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Infrastructure
    • Property Finance and Investment
    • Research
    • Residential
    • Rural
    • Taxation Allowances
    • Valuation of Businesses and Intangible Assets

How to apply

Before applying, please contact for information on associated fees and timings for CAD applications.

Download and submit the application form. Once this is returned to RICS, your application will be forwarded to an assessment panel for consideration.

If the panel agree the competency requirements have been demonstrated through the written application, the CAD will be awarded. Alternatively, an outcome of the application may be a recommendation to complete a full RICS final assessment.

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