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RICS Qualification Support Package

RICS Qualification Package / Excel in your technical competencies

Navigate your way to professional status

Equip yourself with hundreds of hours of trusted industry content, giving you the best possible chance of success in your journey to becoming qualified. Explore the flexible learning options and training tailored to your pathway, allowing you to progress with your career and meet your CPD requirements. 

✔ Subscription fee valid for 12-months from date of purchase

✔ Access live and on-demand resources

✔ Benefit from an increased portfolio of localised, sector specific content

✔ Keep up to date with emerging trends

✔ Stay compliant and adhere to best practice

✔ Access practical tools to help you in your job

With this multi-discipline support package you can:

✔ Self-paced e-learning modules relevant to all pathways providing guidance around the process itself and what to expect.

✔ Technical Competency Modules, each of them including an interactive elearning module, supported with essential/optional readings, case studies and a quiz.

✔ Competency Demonstrations delivered live with experienced assessors/counsellors. 

✔ Our extensive portfolio of Business and Leadership Skills modules, self-paced and delivered in different languages.

✔ Access to our Mock Interview Technical training webclasses ensuring you remain compliant and at the forefront of your profession.

Resources included

    • Understanding the APC
    • Understanding the SPA
    • Understanding the Assoc
    • Ethics
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Countering bribery and corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing
    • Client Money
    • Principles of Health and Safety for Surveyors
    • Diversity and inclusion
  • Self-paced e-learning modules, each of them includes an interactive learning module, supported with essential/optional readings, case studies and quiz. 

  • Live instances often in two parts amounting to a total of 3 hrs. They give candidates the opportunity to identify what assessors will expect when you come to demonstrate skills and knowledge in your assessments, as well as identifying best practice methods for preparation and areas where problems commonly occur. 

    The classes are very interactive and allow participants to ask questions and seek advice on their own experiences from the trainer as well as learn from other APC candidates and their experiences.

    • Technical competence demonstration QS pathway
    • Technical competence demonstration BS pathway
    • Technical competence demonstration PM pathway
    • Technical competence demonstration Commercial Real Estate pathway
    • Technical competence demonstration Residential pathway
    • Technical competence demonstration Valuation pathway
    • Technical competence demonstration Conduct Rules Ethics and Professional Practice - 2 parts
    • Technical competence demonstration Business/Soft Skills - 2 parts


  • All delivered as live sessions apart from the Mock Interview which is pre-recorded. They are run a couple of times in the year depending on demand and are available as pre-recorded sessions.

    • APC Preparing for your Case Study
    • APC Preparing for your Final Assessment
    • APC prep days - 2 parts
    • APC Mock interview
    • APC Supervisor and counsellors
  • Global level training product delivered in 3 parts, each course has pre-defined learning outcomes, focusing on fundamental principles of the subjects.

    • Construction Project Management - 3 parts
    • JCT - Delivering Construction Projects - 3 parts
    • FIDIC Contracts - 3 parts
    • NEC Contracts Principles and Processes - 3 parts
    • NZ3910 – 3 parts
    • Contract admin - 3 parts
    • Commercial Landlord and Tenant - 3 parts
    • Property Development Strategies - 3 parts
    • Asset Management - 3 parts
    • Residential Property Defects - 3 parts
    • Development Appraisals Method and Process - 3 parts
    • Real Estate Finance and Investment - 3 parts
    • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) - 3 parts
    • Residential Building Pathology - 3 parts
    • Financial Viability in Planning - Principles and Methodologies 3 parts
    • Real Estate Debt - 3 parts
    • Valuation for non-valuers - 3 parts

CEGOS portfolio of Business and Leadership Skills

Self-paced e-learning modules delivered in different languages offering content around key areas listed below with sub-modules within each amassing a portfolio of 50+ sessions in total.

  • Emotions management
  • Interpersonal excellence
  • Self-esteem and assertiveness
  • Fundamentals of management
  • Leadership and change management
  • Team management
  • Effective communication
  • Remote working
  • Time management
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Client Care
  • Sales and negotiation