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CPD Hearings

27 SEP 2022

Case of Mr Nial Gallagher

Single Member Decision

Case of

Mr Nial Gallagher (0084343)

The formal charge against the Regulated Member is:

That he has been found guilty to eight counts of fraud by abuse of position relating to 8 separate payments totalling £270,490 that he received between 26th February 2013 and 6th November 2014.

In accordance with RICS Bye-law 5.2.1(d) and RICS Bye-law 5.2.2(d) respectively is it considered that the Regulated Member is liable to disciplinary action as:

  1. he has failed to disclose promptly in writing to the RICS that he has been charged with or been convicted of a criminal offence carrying on first conviction the possibility of a custodial sentence.
  2. he has been convicted of a criminal offence would could result in a custodial sentence.

Contrary to Rule 6 of the Rules of Conduct for Members 2007

The Regulated Member is therefore liable to disciplinary action under Bye-law 5.2.2(c)

 Finding: Proved

Sanction: Expulsion

The Single Member also made order to costs.