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Regulatory Compliance Orders

11 AUG 2021

Anthony Cosway — 19 July 2021

On 19/07/2021 RICS imposed a Regulatory Compliance Order upon Anthony Cosway. This was with Anthony Cosway’s expressed written agreement. The reason it was imposed was because Mr Cosway failed to register his firm for regulation when it came under the rules to do so and failed to register to the Valuer Registration scheme when it was mandatory for him to do so, therefore breaching his professional obligations contrary to Rule 3 of the Rules of Conduct for Members.

Mr Cosway has accepted a reprimand, and has agreed to pay the costs of RICS’ investigation. Mr Cosway has also agreed not to carry out any further valuation work without first being admitted into RICS’ Valuer Registration Scheme. Should he be admitted, Mr Cosway has agreed to a Valuer Registration Regulatory Review Visit within 6 months of his admission and to pay the costs of the Visit.