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LionHeart is an independent charity run by our professionals, for our professionals. Through a volunteer network, this benevolent fund offers confidential advice, information and other support to past and present members of the organisation who, for whatever reason, find themselves in difficulty.

The aim of LionHeart is simple: to be there for RICS professionals whenever life throws them a curve ball, from APC candidates right through to retirement.

The services we provide range from financial support, health and wellbeing packages, free professional counselling, work-related support and legal advice, and help if you or one of your loved ones become seriously ill. 

We want to help as many people as we can, no matter what their circumstances. Many of our services are there to also help RICS professionals outside of the UK. We don't provide a 'one size fits all' service, but work with people to find out about all of their needs so we can provide a responsive and sensitive package of support.  

As we don't receive any government grants or other financial support, we are reliant on donations. We are funded through the generosity of past and present RICS members who care enough about their colleagues to support us.

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Registered Charity No 261245