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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Meet Sean Tompkins, our Chief Executive Officer

We believe that inclusion and diversity are critical to the success of our organisation and to the future of our profession.

Research consistently shows that more diverse, inclusive and balanced businesses also perform better and is the key to us achieving high-performance, market attractiveness and the ability to meet the needs of a changing profession, industry and world. 

This year, I have taken personal action to build greater gender balance within my Global Executive Team – achieving gender parity for the first time in RICS’ history. This is just one signal of my commitment to and belief in the power of diversity to attract the talent we will need in the future as well as to add to our creativity, innovation and success as an organisation overall. Further signs of our investment in this arena can be seen in the work we do to strengthen the diversity and inclusivity of the land, property and construction industry as well as throughout the entire employee lifecycle at RICS.

When I joined RICS 11 years ago, I was a mother of three young children looking for greater flexibility. Since that time, I have transitioned from part to full-time, have taken on increasingly senior and market-facing roles, and my responsibilities have expanded in scope from country to regional and to now global. Today, I'm responsible for leading RICS' flagship thought leadership initiative.

Lory Paterson - staff
Lory Paterson, Global Director of Sales & Marketing, World Built Environment Forum

Meet Marina Kilcline, our Chief People Officer

We believe that it is the difference in our people that makes the difference to our performance.

Whether you're working as a part of our organisation, or together with us as a member or partner, you can expect that your differences will be valued while simultaneously feeling a part of our team.

We are working to create a high-performance culture where inclusivity and equity underpin everything we do. From how we recruit, develop, advance, reward and engage our people; we will ensure that fairness and inclusion are built into how we make decisions, work together and run our business. We know that our high performance depends on the innovation and power that comes from a workforce that embodies and truly values difference.

I am delighted to see RICS invest in all areas of equality. This give me confidence when I meet stakeholders that RICS are striving to continuously improve the way we work and how we work with others. This is vital for a productive workforce and shows others that professional bodies like RICS are pushing ahead to meet challenges like these head on.

Mike Cox
Mike Cox, Future Talent Manager, Apprenticeships
Sarah Littlejohns
Sarah Littlejohns, Interim Product Development Director

I have consistently felt supported as my career has progressed at RICS. Last year, I was proud to be asked to take on an expanded global leadership role where I will have greater opportunity to inspire, support and mentor the women and colleagues coming up behind me.

Our areas of focus

As a team member at RICS, you will experience the following:

  • Enhanced global parental leave offering, including full-pay for a minimum of 16-weeks maternity or adoption leave and 10-days paternity leave
  • Inclusion and diversity training
  • Global mentorship programme
  • Global coaching programme
  • Grassroots programmes, including RICS Be Well and Women at Work
  • Flexibility practices
  • Revitalised Management Capability programme
  • Gender equity and advancement offerings, as highlighted in our annual Gender Pay Gap Report

At RICS, we are doing our utmost to promote diversity and inclusion in a profession traditionally dominated by males. We are pleased to see an increasing number of young, female professionals joining the industry and taking on senior leadership roles, and I feel privileged for the opportunity to help drive this change both within the organisation and externally.

Clare Chiu - Staff
Clare Chiu, Chief Operating Officer, Greater China