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Diversity and Inclusion

This course covers the importance and business value of diversity and inclusion within a team, and some key inclusion areas that surveyors can, and should, address

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Course Duration:
1 hour
1 hours CPD
£49 + VAT


Recent high-profile events have highlighted what many in our industry already knew, we lack diversity throughout our organisations, and we need to address this urgently if we are to tackle the skills shortage. 

The RICS is leading this cultural change for the surveying profession but cannot do it without surveyors’ full involvement. The initial step is to understand why diversity and inclusion is so important in the workplace, and this course will cover the legal and business case. 

We will then progress onto some ideas about how you can make your work environment more inclusive to all. This will cover unconscious bias, inclusive communication, and inclusive recruitment. 

The course will provide you with the basics to start making a real difference to the people in your organisation, profession, industry and ultimately the community around you.

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Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of what D&I implies and the relevant legislation within the different sectors in the built and rural environment
  • Comprehend the importance and business value of diversity and inclusion in a team and/or an organisation
  • Apply inclusive communication within the team
  • Identify internal diversity and inclusion policies, including any applicable to non-discrimination or anti-harassment in the workplace
  • Avoid unconscious bias
  • Understand how the recruitment process can be improved


  • Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Module 1: The legal case
  • Module 2: The business case
  • Module 3: Diversity and inclusion policies
  • Module 4: Unconscious bias
  • Module 5: Inclusive communication
  • Module 6: Inclusive recruitment
  • Summary


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