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Fundamentals of Management

Explore the various management styles and adopt these techniques into your management roles

Course Duration:
Enrolment Duration: 90 days access from purchase
4.5 hours formal CPD
£225 + VAT


The Fundamentals management e-learning course is designed to enable you to explore the various management styles and adopt these techniques into your management roles. It focuses on the different skills of a manager and explore strategies for improving management performance.

Course Content

In the course, you will be learning:

  • Strategic vision and activity management
  • Making your new management position successful 
  • The management styles
  • Fostering and maintaining motivation
  • The situational skills of the manager
  • The relational skills of the manager
  • The emotional skills of the manager
  • Evaluating and strategically aligning objectives
  • Dealing with annual reviews' difficult situations

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Learning Objectives

  • Mobilize your team’s individual energy to boost collective performance
  • Communicate effectively with your team, selecting the right tools and adapting to the imperatives of the situation and the team's needs
  • Become a better manager by managing your own emotions
  • Use systems thinking to manage effectively
  • Learn about the demands of a management posting and your medium-term priorities, and how to prepare for your new appointment with your boss


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£225 + VAT