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Interpersonal Excellence

Explore the development of an interpersonal communication strategy

Course Duration:
Enrolment Duration: 90 days access from purchase
3.5 hours formal CPD
£175 + VAT


The Interpersonal excellence eLearning will guide you to explore the development of an interpersonal communication strategy, the methods and techniques can be used to drive personal qualities and interpersonal effectiveness.

Course Content

In the course, you will be learning:

  • The three pillars of interpersonal excellence
  • Public Speaking: Managing the Q&A
  • Preparing yourself to get on stage
  • Successfully adapting your message
  • Creating compelling visuals for a successful presentation
  • Facilitate effective meetings
  • Evade trick questions at meetings

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Learning Objectives

  • Discover the three pillars of interpersonal excellence
  • Develop confidence in public speaking
  • Adapt communication styles effectively
  • Gain techniques in leading and facilitating meetings


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  • Non-RICS professionals £180 + VAT
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£175 + VAT