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Principles of Health and Safety for Surveyors

Appropriate management of health and safety is a requirement for professionals who are involved in the property industry, this course helps you to recognise your responsibilities to manage and control health and safety related risk.

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Course Duration:
3 hours
3 hours CPD
£149 + VAT


RICS Guidance notes on Surveying Safely launched in 2018, set out basic, good practice principles for the management of health and safety for RICS regulated firms, RICS members, and other professionals who are involved with the built environment. 

The course is developed based on the Surveying Safely guidance notes, covers the relationship between the work of the surveyor and health and safety issues. It provides the legal, practical and regulatory requirements, also the best practice process and guidelines used to achieve the requirements.

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  1. Personal and Corporate Responsibilities
  2. Assessing Hazards & Risks
  3. Health and Safety at Property Professionals’ places of work
  4. Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Health
  5. Visiting Premises and Sites
  6. Fire Safety
  7. General Procurement and management of contractors

Learning outcomes

  • Gain a clear comprehension of personal responsibility for Health and Safety
  • Comprehend the obligations placed on organisations to manage Health and Safety
  • Identify the basic principles of risk assessment
  • Recognise the practicalities of identifying, monitoring and managing a wide range of health and safety risks
  • Gain an oversight of common risks to the health and safety of the employees, and those for whom you may become responsible in undertaking your work
  • Undertake a base-line audit of your own organisation using the template in Surveying Safely


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£149 + VAT