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Real Estate Lifecycle: Training

The real estate lifecycle relies on RICS professionals and many other individuals in order to properly allocate resources to generate value and complete the various functions from planning through to occupation.
Course Duration:
Enrollment duration: 90 Days
25 hours formal CPD
£600 + VAT


By understanding the roles and responsibilities of all those involved, individuals at each stage of the lifecycle will be better able to complete projects, differentiate themselves from competitors and build trust in the eyes of clients, regulators and stakeholders.

The RICS Real Estate Lifecycle Course recognises this need and has been created to provide formal recognition to professionals who can demonstrate a thorough knowledge of all functions of the real estate market and the role that RICS, our standards and professionals perform in the market.

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The course is composed of the following:

Module 1: The role of the RICS and its professionals
Module 2: Introduction to real estate lifecycle
Module 3: Acquisition
Module 4: Planning
Module 5: Construction
Module 6: Occupation

Primary market:

Real estate lenders, investors and analysts
Financial regulators
Lawyers working on secured lending and offering services to the real estate and built environment industries

Secondary market:

Back office departments from companies working on real estate and built environment sectors (ie accountants, finance, HR and marketing professionals)

Learning Objectives

In summary, the course will ensure professionals are best placed to work and interact with other stakeholders across the real estate lifecycle from planning and acquisition to construction and occupation.


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  • Non-RICS professionals £600 + VAT
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£600 + VAT