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Residential Valuation - Understanding Cladding and Interpreting EWS

Attain an interpretation of EWS requirements from a valuer’s perspective.

This course will launch March 31st 2022

5 hours CPD


Course information

Why is this topic important?

RICS published guidance note “Valuation of properties in multi-storey, multi-occupancy residential buildings with cladding” for valuers on 8 March 2021 and has been working with UK government and other stakeholders to ensure the guidance is implemented.

In line with the industry requirements and guidance, this course is designed to help RICS valuer members in this field decide whether a particular building should require an EWS1 form. The course will cover the legal and regulatory framework and the assessment requirements relevant to the EWS1 decision. By working through a series of case studies, you will be able to identify different types of materials and cladding, serving to underpin your professional judgement as to whether or not to request an EWS1 form.

Who is this course aimed at?

RICS valuers, based in the UK, providing residential valuation advice in secured lending instructions, who need to refresh and/or upskill their knowledge and ability to identify different types of materials and cladding as well as common pitfalls and risks.

Course Content

Module 1 Legal and regulatory framework

  • Part 1. The background to fire safety and EWS1 forms
  • Part 2. Legal & regulatory summary and RICS guidance
  • Part 3. Assessing the requirement for an EWS1 form
  • Part 4. Risk and liability

Module 2 Cladding, EWS Identification

  • Part 1 Cladding, EWS systems
  • Part 2 Construction Technologies
  • Part 3 Practical Scenarios

Reading Library

Course Level

Foundation; Intermediate

Method of Study

The course is delivered online and designed to be flexible around your existing commitments. Course elements such as eLearning, reading, case studies, and quizzes can all be attempted at a time and a place that suits you, and we provide the course structure proven to help learners proceed with ease.

Learning outcomes

  • Comprehend the legal and regulatory framework relevant to External Wall Systems (EWS) inspections
  • Summarize the key RICS documentation to EWS assessments
  • Identify when and where an EWS1 should be required
  • Demonstrate the rationale why an EWS1 form should be required
  • Consider risk factors and use more appropriate wording in the valuation report
  • Identify different types of materials and cladding and associated risks
  • Understand the role of and application of related RICS valuation guidance