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Acknowledging the climate crisis is no longer enough - we need to act.

The development of housing, transport and public infrastructure systems that enable communities to prosper comes at a cost.

Assumptions about energy use of buildings used to be based on imprecise estimates, but our growing ability to gather and analyse big data offers an opportunity to further understand energy demands.

RICS is committed to aligning the commercial and public interests in this area and developing practical solutions that enable our profession to help drive positive change.

Our Sustainability Action Agenda

  • We are leading a project to develop a 'building passport'  - a data platform to host all building-related data, from design and planning through to demolition
  • We have established the RICS Building Carbon Database - a free-to-use, publicly available resource for building professionals to have access to more detailed comparative data on carbon emissions
  • We have launched a professional statement on whole-life carbon assessment for the built environment
  • We have introduced a training tool kit for property valuation professionals to factor sustainability costs into the valuation process, funded by the EU
  • We have established the World Built Environment Forum to gather experts from the sector and beyond, and share our own insights into managing urbanisation, population growth, climate change and other pivotal issues to create better space for future generations

"Cities consume 75% of the world's natural resources and account for 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions"

Download the Futures report to read RICS' full agenda for effecting change and responding to the biggest issues facing the natural and built environments

RICS Futures Report 2020


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