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9 OCT 2020

For newly qualified cost manager, MRICS means credibility earned

Phoenix Feng has 14 years of experience in the built environment, including four years in her current function as a cost manager in Vancouver with the BTY Group. As an Associate Director with BTY’s Cost Management team with a qualification from the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS), Phoenix met the criteria for the direct route to her qualification from RICS. Her decision to make that leap stemmed from the realization of the value of global perspectives on individual projects and the credibility that comes with the qualification.

Phoenix provides cost management services for BTY clients across the real estate, education, healthcare, transportation and utilities sectors, including complex public-private partnerships. In her diversified work across North America, she saw a common thread: the importance of global standards in creating trust and maintaining a high standard of service.

Phoenix Feng
Phoenix Feng

“I started out studying architecture and building engineering,” says Phoenix, “and so I know from experience that the complexity and highly detailed nature of construction requires the application of trusted standards.

“Each project is unique and I enjoy the different challenges each project brings, but it’s important for our clients to know that there is a precedent of success with the methods I bring to bear on each job.”

Phoenix’s clients trust her with a full range of cost management services, from cost planning and estimation to change order valuation, claims assessment and negotiations, all across the full life of the project cycle. In her time working on these projects, she learned about RICS through colleagues and others around the industry.

RICS is prestigious and I’ve found that most people in my field in Vancouver want to become qualified eventually. Cost managers put a great deal of emphasis on international standards, especially in Canada, so that buzz makes sense.

Phoenix started by attending a number of RICS seminars and found the global knowledge base to be extremely valuable. She also saw that having the MRICS after one’s name helped people to meet and win clients.  

“That designation brings with it credibility. The other side if it of course is that you need to commit yourself to working hard to earn that MRICS.”   

Phoenix qualified this past May, and she’s already seeing the benefits as she delivers cost solutions on Lululemon’s new office building in downtown Vancouver.  

“It’s a high-profile project, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue to show the world why that MRICS means trust and best-in-class standards for professionalism and expertise.”