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2 FEB 2022

House of Lords Committee backs RICS calls for a Built Environment GCSE

The House of Lords Built Environment Committee inquiry into meeting the UK’s housing demand recently published its findings and recommendations. During the inquiry, RICS submitted evidence, shaped by members, into the challenges and opportunities facing the UK’s housing market – including the need to address planning resources, materials and labour shortages and the requirement to embed sustainability, quality, and safety into new homes.

RICS specifically highlighted the importance new professionals entering the sector will have in supporting the UK to meet its housing needs. One of the recommendations called for by RICS was the introduction of built environment education at an earlier age, given the importance inspiring school children can have on their career choices. An example of one recommendation suggested by RICS is the introduction of a Built Environment GCSE, similar to what was recently launched in Wales, to showcase the important role the sector has in meeting our infrastructure, housing and environmental needs.

RICS UK& I Head of Government Affairs Jonathan Hale commented:

“It is great that the House of Lords Built Environment Committee has recognised the recommendation by RICS to introduce a Built Environment GCSE – helping to support and inspire future generations of talent to meet our housing needs.

“There is an urgent need to attract future generations into the sector, as well as embracing modern construction technologies and sustainable development approaches, so we are pleased to see the committee take forward our recommendation to UK Government to introduce such learnings.”

The Earl of Lytton FRICS and member of the House of Lords Built Environment Committee welcomed the report, commenting:

“We suffer from a substantial skills deficit in the built environment which will impede future growth and prosperity of the sector and with it the quality of services and facilities on which we all rely. We need to be better at making it an attractive career choice, in the first instance by offering it as a subject in the formative years of education choices and  capturing the imagination of young minds and I welcome the engagement of RICS in this challenge.”