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26 JUN 2019

LGBT+ professionals tell us their story

We spoke to four of the industry's leading LGBT+ professionals about their experiences, how they have fought adversity as an under-represented group, and how they are now able to be open and honest about their sexuality and gender identity.

Listen to the personal accounts on the progress our LGBT+ advocates have witnessed in embracing who they are, and what more they feel organisations still need to do in order to encourage a more diverse and inclusive industry, devoid of prejudice.

Everyone has a role to play in this, people need to look at their own business environment to challenge those people responsible for that environment, and to make a case for diversity in their own organisation. People need to be held account for what is going on – that's important - that pressure from the grass roots.

Brian Bickell
Chief Executive, Shaftesbury

Just be open and honest with who you are, be present and normalise conversations. No one can help shape the change better than yourself with your colleagues, rather than messages coming from HR.

Jack Sullivan MRICS
Senior Surveyor, CBRE Capital Advisors

Being allies for people like me, being there to help us, support us, sponsor us and giving us the opportunities. Particularity within the transcommunity we are very resilient body of people. Obviously, it takes a lot hide our true-self until we feel comfortable enough to bring them out. But we need allies, we need support, we need understanding.

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Antonia Belcher
Partner, MHBC

Professional bodies should all be highlighting role models in the built environment sector who are from minority or under-represented groups and sharing their stories about what it's really like to work in the industry. This will help us see a fully inclusive industry for all.

Sharon Slinger FRICS
Constructing Rainbows